Welcome to the Damon Piano Studio!


Piano Lessons in the Roxborough Park, Littleton, and Highlands Ranch area. 


About Me

Breanna Damon, M.M.


Hello! My name is Breanna Damon and I am your friendly neighborhood piano instructor! Music and teaching piano are my passions and I love sparking a love for music in my students. I earned a Master's degree in piano pedagogy (the art of teaching piano) from the University of Denver and a Bachelor's in music from Colorado State University. I enjoy working with students of all ages and skill levels to pursue their musical goals. I also like to expose my students to a variety of styles and genres of music to prepare them for wherever music takes them! My goal is to develop well-rounded students who will be involved in music for the rest of their lives. 


My Philosophy

  • I believe that every student is musical and has musical potential. It is never too late to start your musical journey!
  • I believe the process is more important than the product. What a student learns while preparing a piece is more important than just having a perfect piece without taking anything away from it. 
  • Musical achievement should be measured by student improvement instead of performance evaluations.
  • I believe music offers a way for students to express themselves, especially students who have trouble expressing themselves through language.
  • My goal is to spark a passion for music in my students and have them walk away with benefits to their intellectual, social, and emotional life, as well as their musical life.
  • I believe music can build self-esteem, self-pride, and self-confidence.

My Studio

My studio is located in Roxborough Park, Littleton, near Highlands Ranch. Students in my piano studio have the opportunity to play my Yamaha baby grand piano. Learning on a high quality piano is essential to develop proper technique and tone quality. 

My studio also features a full size Suzuki electric piano with weighted keys which allows for my students to play on different instrument settings, as well as creates piano duet and piano duo opportunities.